Zen as F*ck for You and Me

Zen as F*ck for You and Me

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Monica Sweeney's Zen as F*ck for You & Me is a guided journal to help you celebrate the love and ignore the bullsh*t in your relationship


Get that butterfly feeling every day with Zen as F*ck for You & Me. On each page of this peppy and irreverent journal is an opportunity to get loving as f*ck with your partner, to let go of the sh*t that doesn't matter, and to find fun and healthy ways to say what's really on your mind. Share these journaling pages as a way to reflect on, appreciate, and treasure the f*ck out of your relationship and everything that makes it special. Enjoy those good f*cking tingles, be each other's biggest supporters, and build a more thoughtful and respectful relationship with Zen as F*ck for You & Me.


- Feel the love with an upbeat and down-to-earth approach to gratitude
- Charmingly impolite journaling ideas let you be real with your partner
- Cherish the good sh*t and let go of the bad for a stronger relationship