The Missing Dragon Wand

Hunter Smith

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When the lands of Kestrel Veil are disrupted by a powerful sorcerer named Jack, the dragons must put aside theri differences and come together to restore the land before the evil is spread to the other landforms.

After one of their prized artifacts from many years ago, the Dragon Wand, gets stolen, they must get it out of Jack's clutches before he can do anything with it. The Dragon Staff, which has been missing for generations already, is in danger, too. If Jack can get ahold of that, the world could disappear.

With the help of many other species, including humans, cats, and even a deer, will they be able to save the rest of the dragon population, and not just their own small tribe? Open up this book and read to find out.


Hunter lives just outside of Emporia, Kansas with his family. He loves writing fantasy and other fiction. His love for writing started when he was in fourth grade, and he began his first book in fifth grade. Hunter is now in seventh grade, and The Missing Dragon Wand, the first installment of the new fantasy series Sky Warriors, is his debut novel