Mythographic Crystals Coloring Book

Mythographic Crystals Coloring Book

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A glittering realm of crystalline mysteries awaits


Let prismatic splendor light the way to surreal dreamscapes. Mythographic Color and Discover: Crystal Kingdom is a sparkling passage from the mundane to the mesmerizing in immersive detail. Adorn your imagination in geodes and gemstones, settle in among kaleidoscopic creatures that gleam in sun and starlight, and discover twinkling crystal empires of glass pyramids and diamond ice. Open a glistening chamber of more than 45 hand-drawn illusions with brilliant hues and personalized flourishes in Mythographic Color and Discover: Crystal Kingdom.


- Let your artistic vision shimmer and shine with spectacularly detailed illustrations
- Color tiny geode dimensions, dazzling flora and fauna, and jewel-studded landscapes
- Bring your own touches to each piece with colored pencils, gel pens, or even glitter