John Derian Paper Goods: A Happy Halloween

John Derian Paper Goods: A Happy Halloween

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A perfect gift for puzzle lovers and fans of Halloween from John Derian, the world-famous and beloved home goods designer and New York Times bestselling author.


Celebrate the joy of Halloween and its spirit of spooky fun. A face in the tree, a smiling pumpkin, little apple men dancing on a spiderweb--did they escape from an apple-bobbing tub at a neighborhood party? Straight from the collection of John Derian, A Happy Hallowe'en is a fantastical scene where we, the viewer--and puzzler--become like the trick-or-treater, mesmerized by what they see on the other side of the wall. Could it be real?
John Derian is an artist and designer whose work with printed images of the past transports the viewer to another time and place. His line of 1,000-piece puzzles are produced with great care and quality to ensure hours of pure pleasure, from spreading out the pieces to admiring the finished work.


  • 1,000 full-color interlocking pieces
  • Art print with puzzle image
  • Finished puzzle is 26 3/8" x 18 7/8"