Houseplants 101: How to choose, style, grow and nurture your indoor plants

Houseplants 101: How to choose, style, grow and nurture your indoor plants

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Your Ultimate Hardback guide with over 50 full-colour images to help you grow big, beautiful, thriving houseplants, whether you're an expert gardener or self-described brown thumb.

Please note: Paperback version has over 50 amazing black and white images, for colour images please choose the Hardback or eBook versions that have all images in glorious colour.

Houseplants bring life into the home, literally.

They produce oxygen and refresh the air indoors, they liven up small spaces, and they make the perfect companions since they don't demand much more than a sunny window and some water.

Of course, for those who have never grown houseplants before, the mere idea of bringing one inside conjures up all sorts of questions and concerns.

Don't different plants need different amounts of light? How much water is too much? If I have kids or pets, which plants should I avoid?

Relax! Growing plants is supposed to be a joy-filled activity, so before you let all your concerns come pouring out, consult Houseplants 101.

Written with beginners and experienced gardeners alike in mind, this book covers everything, from picking the right plants for your space to making them fit right in with decorative pots and hanging baskets.

Experience the emotional and psychological benefits of keeping houseplants, which have been shown to reduce feelings of depression and provide an outlet to those with anxiety.

Your small corner of the world will grow a bit greener when you learn about the best indoor plants for all types of caretakers, why succulents are so popular, and how to make your plants not only happy and lush, but also stylish.

In addition, you'll discover:

 Which houseplants are the hardest to kill (perfect for those who do not consider themselves to have green fingers yet!)

● How to ensure your plants get adequate light

● Why repotting is an important step in the growth cycle of a plant

● High-maintenance plants for the more adventurous indoor gardeners

 The best plants for every type of home, from those that have an abundance of sunlight to the ones that are darker than a cave

And much, much more!

As a bonus, you'll even find a growing guide for edible plants that you can keep inside all year round!

Everyone can grow plants, and that's what Houseplants 101 will prove.