Jerry Troxell

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High quality, archival print of an original painting by Jerry Troxell

"Homestead" title was given by gallery owner, as Jerry often did not title his paintings.

*Jerry’s paintings have been reproduced with permission from the collectors.


Jerry Lynn Troxell was born September 24, 1944 on a farm near Sabetha, Kansas. Growing up on a farm with four sisters was the “single most important influence” to his painting. His childhood outdoors gave him a deep appreciation for sunlight, shadows, and seasons. As Jerry explained in a 1995 artist statement:

“I am still entranced by the bittersweet feeling of dusk as the bight, bleached landscape is replaced by shards of oranges and pinks - punctuated by slices of violet. A temperature somewhere between warm and cool replaces the daytime heat, and the cacophony of day is replaced by evening sounds and the regrouping of the family. I feel a strong kinship to the exquisite randomness of nature and the ways it is pulled together by light and shadows to create subtle harmonious hues - accented by darts and splashes of pure color.”

Jerry began formal art instruction at Highland Junior College. Afterwards, he attended Emporia State University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education, later returning for a Master’s degree. In 1970, Jerry began teaching at Emporia High School. For the next 36 years, he would teach photography, jewelry making, pottery, computer graphics, and painting, as well as serving as the department head. After his retirement, Jerry continued his love of arts education by teaching classes for children and adults at the Emporia Arts Council. Jerry passed away December 13, 2015 after a lifetime of creative and educational endeavors.