Dawn of The Moon

Hunter Smith

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When the lands of Kestrel Veil are disrupted by a menacing new threat which no one saw coming, the dragons must come together and journey to all new lands to find what they need to take the threat face on and eliminate it from existence.

After the moon takes over the sun completely, leaving the sun vanquished, the dragons learn of three powerful items that can make the sun anew. They decide as a whole that there could be new meaning to their whole cave life.

With the help of many different natives, including Scorvians, Lashyrians, and Cratans, can the Dragonian Sky Warriors face their new challenge and succeed? Open up this book and read to find out.

Hunter lives just outside of Emporia, Kansas with his family. He loves writing fantasy and other fiction. His love for writing started when he was in fourth grade, and he began his first book in fifth grade. Hunter is now in eighth grade, and his second novel, Dawn of the Moon, the next installment of the fastasy series Sky Warriors, is his sequel, adding a new depth and suspense to the series.