Wonderful Insects Coloring Book

Wonderful Insects Coloring Book

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They form the largest animal group on the planet. They can vary in size, from only a few millimeters up to 12 inches. Some are highly poisonous and others are stunningly beautiful. You can find them in all types of climates, including dry deserts and lush rainforests. Welcome to the fascinating world of insects!

Wonderful Insects is a coloring book filled with detailed ink drawings and patterns inspired by a variety of insects and plants from all corners of the world. The book contains 64 pages of beautifully hand-drawn illustrations created by biologist and illustrator Emma Hulten.

Coloring-in is a great way to become calm and relaxed while having fun with color, shapes and the imagination. Giving life to every page will put you in a contemplative, creative mood. The drawings are perfect for decorating with colored pencils as you let your mind wander.

Regardless of whether you are a full-blown nature lover or scared of insects, Wonderful Insects is a must-have. It allows you to enter the marvelous world of insects at your own pace, while coloring-in. Let yourself be inspired by their beauty, intriguing shapes and patterns.