The Enchanting Fairies Coloring Book

The Enchanting Fairies Coloring Book

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Escape into a world of fantasy and vintage charm with this delightful coloring book, featuring the classic fairy illustrations of Margaret Tarrent.


Margaret Tarrent was an illustrious artist whose work flourished in the 1920s and 1930s, appearing on greetings cards, calendars and posters for the Medici Society. Her delicate watercolor illustrations of fairies and flowers are best-loved for their nostalgic beauty and whimsical escapism.


Inside this coloring book you will find 45 of these original full-color artworks, from fairies nestled in flower petals to pixies riding dragonflies. Alongside these, you will find line drawn versions for you to color yourself. Whether you wish to use the original colors or choose your own, this coloring book will provide endless relaxation as well as finished artworks to display.


ABOUT THE SERIES The Arcturus Vintage Coloring series will transport you to a world of vintage charm and nostalgia. These delightful coloring books feature original, full-color illustrations by classic artists and designers along with black and white line versions for you to color in.