Mythographic: Aquatic Coloring Book

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Mythographic goes under the sea in this brand-new coloring book


Dive deep beneath the surface of your imagination...


- Take the helm of an artistic voyage with 50 incredible illustrations
- Discover the hidden objects waiting to be revealed in each place
- Color a captivating book of stunning illustrations and extraordinary scenes


Joseph Catimbang's Mythographic Color and Discover: Aquatic will take you on an immersive escape to creativity. Uncover the secrets of the ocean through the mesmerizing illustrations of a unique world that shifts from the lifelike to the illusory. Color this underwater realm of 50 stunning, hand-drawn illustrations, and uncover the hidden objects that are tucked into each one. Explore this oceanic dream world; unlock the mysteries of the imagination through vivid, vibrant color; and follow a beguiling journey through Mythographic Color and Discover: Aquatic.