Horse Hair Ceramic Moon Bowl

Leanne Kilmer

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Horse Hair Pottery by Leanne Kilmer

My pottery pieces are wheel thrown porcelain, trimmed, then burnished twice with a stone. 
The piece is bisque fired to around 1800 degrees.

The pottery is then fired again. When the kiln reaches 1000 degrees the pottery is taken from the kiln using long Raku tongs and protective gear. The hot pottery is place on a non-flammable surface and the selected horse hairs, crane feathers and snake skin are draped onto the pottery, sugar sprinkles are sometimes added. The carbon from the burning hair and feathers is left on the pottery as a design. Once the piece has cooled completely, it is washed to remove residue. It is then waxed to bring out the carbon markings. 

These pieces are not for functional use. They are not water tight. Some people put a glass container in the pieces so they can be used as vases or candle votives.