Heroes by Design

Heroes by Design

Debra Irsik

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Faith can move mountains,  but can it save Sela's best friend?

When Sela sees glimpses of what she thinks is her Guardian Angel, she grabs her cell and starts to call Emily. Then she remembers: Emily won't answer. Since her mother died, Emily has pushed everyone away, including God. According to Zach, Sela is so wrapped up in her faith that she might as well be St. Peter himself. She is pushing Emily away.

What now? Sela petitions God for an intervention to lead Emily back to faith. How will Sela's prayer be answered?

As she waits for God's answer, Sela must learn to be humble, have patience, and maybe... just maybe... she will find new gifts and a purpose that will help her realize the hero she is designed to be.


"A tale of friendship, faith, and perserverance takes center stage in Heroes by Design by D.A. Irsik. It follows the lives of Sela, Emliy, and Zach- three friends who take pride in their Christian beliefs and the work they do in God's name, until tragic circumstances test this belief and threaten to tear them apart. This book is an inspiration coming-of-age story that gives a fresh perspective on today's important issues, with emphasis on understanding and tolerance. There is an overall tone of hope underpinning the plot, and good writing and an understanding of religion's place in our evolving world makes teh book stand out from other Christian books. It's able to transcend boundaries of faith to simply tell a story of how one's belief can get you through trials and difficulties."

-Book Review Directory, www.bookreviewdirectory.com