Handmade Sunflower and Butterfly Serving Tray

Jim Geitz

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27 x 15 x 5 inches

Each piece of my woodwork is constructed from woods specially selected for color and grain. They are locally sourced, native hardwoods. Joints are cut using traditional age-old methods.

Each veneer figure is created using marquetry techniques. First, a picture is drawn with one of more figures. Then, much like a puzzle, the design in cut into pieces. Each individual piece is numbered and a piece of colored veneer is placed under it with the wood grain going in the appropriate direction. Sometimes, there are between 50 and 100 pieces, depending on the complexity and coloring of the design. The pieces are then nailed together with very small nails and cut out with a jigsaw. In order to create depth, many pieces are burned with hot sand. Pieces are then taped together, intially with blue tape and then with white butcher tape. Finally, the pices are glued to a board using a lot of clamps for cmall pieces or a veneer bag for larger pieces. The tape is mostly removed with a belt sander and the area is flooded with water to remove any remaining tape which helps identify any areas that need extra work. 

My pieces are finished with hand sanding, staining or oil. 

I hope you enjoy using your piece as much as I did creating it! 

- Jim Geitz