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Get Sh*t Done: A Zen as F*ck Daily Planner

Get Sh*t Done: A Zen as F*ck Daily Planner

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Plan the sh*t out of your days ahead!


In Monica Sweeney's Get Sh*t Done, you can organize your important to-dos, vent away your frustrations, and take stock of all the things that are going f*cking swimmingly. Inside you'll find repeated prompts that help you stay on task and create habits for reflection that feel f*cking great.


At the beginning of each week, set those goals and plan how to crush them. Keep track of your tasks, give yourself some mood-boosting reassurance, and let go of the sh*t that grinds you down. When the week comes to a close, you'll have space to take stock of everything that went well. Keep up your motivation and feel f*cking amazing as you move through the days and weeks of this book.


Enjoy what a spritz of organization and a tall pour of positivity can do for all your planning needs with Get Sh*t Done!


- Organize your days like a f*cking boss
- Give yourself reminders of the good and purge the bad
- Repeated mood-boosting prompts help keep you motivated over time
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